Why Does a School Need TrackSchoolBus?

When it comes to student transportation, every school has two major problems – student school bus safety and efficient fleet management. The TrackSchoolBus software suite offers solutions to both these problems and more.

Real-time notifications

Users will be notified whenever a child misses or boards the wrong bus. And, the notifications can be obtained via apps and web interface. When a child arrives at the assigned location, the first notification will be received. As a child swipes the RFID card in the card reader installed in a school bus, the second notification will be sent. Apart from this, users also receive notifications whenever the driver crosses the speed limit or deviate from the scheduled route.

TrackSchoolBus recommends the best quality hardware to go with our high quality software. Compatibility with a wide variety of hardware ensures flexibility according to budget.

The video surveillance system has special hardware with built-in attendance system.

The hardware is having admirable quality and there is no duplicate integration to the system. And, there requires only minimum maintenance. However, the installation procedure is facile, and requires limited time to install it.

Integration of artificial intelligence

AI integrated features in the Trackschoolbus software include auto routing, auto optimization, and auto allocation. With the auto routing feature, you will obtain suggestions for optimized route, trip, and thereby select the vehicle accordingly. On the basis of residential address of students, you will be able to choose the pickup point location and is displayed on the Google map. And this feature is auto allocation. Auto optimization is another innovative feature, which saves driver's valuable time and efforts by optimizing the pick up point and drop points.

As a matter of fact, the TrackSchoolBus software assists you to curtail vehicle expenses, enhance vehicle durability, update pick up point in case of relocation, evade high traffic areas, and thus enables you to manage school bus fleets efficiently.

How TrackSchoolBus Solutions Help Schools

Managing the school bus fleet and ensuring the safety of school students is a huge challenge for any school. A school bus tracking software provides assistance in ensuring student transportation safety and reduces parental anxiety regarding student safety.

It helps school transport managers to communicate better with school bus drivers, know the location of a school bus, receive instant warnings on traffic jams, weather conditions, and handle emergency situations immediately. School bus software features also help in managing school bus drivers and fleet vehicles in the most efficient way. TrackSchoolBus solutions support schools in managing their transportation effectively:

  • Convenient and impose greater control over technology
  • Streamline school bus routing and scheduling
  • Real-time GPS student tracking anytime from anywhere
  • School bus attendance using the face recognition feature, RFID cards or MIFARE RFID cards
  • Handle truant and tardy students efficiently
  • Provide peace of mind to school authorities and parents
  • Receive instant notifications and alerts
  • Keep drivers focused on the road
  • Create and obtain reports with accurate details
  • Lower fuel costs and overall school transportation expenses